Monday, February 9, 2009


Here is a list of sentences uttered by John this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Three really good ones were taken from earlier in the week. Yes, I kept a clipboard with me much of the weekend. Sometimes I had to request him to repeat multiple times before I could understand them, but not every time. Keep in mind that they sound like he is talking with a mouth full of potato. I am too lazy a transcriber to record the way they actually sounded. If you have never conversed with someone while sharing potatoes, then imagine that a machine has come along and magically removed 67% of the consonants in every word. Other important thing to remember: It was five weeks and two days ago that I was thrilled that he echoed the single phrase "goofing around" because that was such advanced speech for him.


The wind is blowing right through my hair.
I want both.
I only want crackers.
I went down, down on the ground.
Mo is getting all ricey! (Mo is a stuffed frog and John was having Mo sit on the edge of a tub of rice, feet in rice, for sensory play.)
I want some very very much.
I'm going to play with a washcloth.
I love Mo very very much.
I want Mo very very much. (Crying, because Mo belongs to John's visiting teacher and was no longer at our house)
I miss Sissy.
I like milk very very much. It's very very yummy.
I have naked toes and naked toes and a naked knee.
I heard a knocking.
Okay, I will see if it's hot or cold.
Cheerios. I want some in a dish.
Okay, I would like to do that.
I want a clean paper.
I want to make a road out of blocks.
We have to move the cart.
I put them right together.
I didn't know they were closed.
I'm down here with Pooh.
I put Pooh's nose right in my mouth.
It fees silly.
Pooh went under the strap,
It is me hiding. I was hiding in the cabinet.
I was doing great watching my bus movie. There was an elephant in it. It was walking. It was gray.
No, I'm not in the forest.
I had so much fun at the park.
I don't know how to put it in. I need help.
No, I want them there.

Mom's Favorites

No, I'm really really pooping.
Look what I made! A line!
I'm going to tell Mommy I went on the merry-go-round and the swing and on the merry-go-round again.
There's something I need that's fun fun fun. (says this when bored with available toys)
I'll show you what's in here. (in confidential tone)
Uh-oh, I have to turn the wheel.
I'm looking good!
I had a lot a lot of fun at the playground.


There are just four more things I want to say about this.

1. No, we were not expecting sentences to happen. Not now, not at all. Well, maybe hoping, but not expecting, and only in distant fantasy.

2. Honest, we do not use the popular adjective "a lot a lot" in our family!

3. John and I were given a great gift recently when he went to one of his many doctors. It was afternoon. The doctor asked if he could examine John. Slowly, John said, "That would be fine." (This was out of character because a) John spoke at all, and b) he hates being examined and used to scream the whole time.)
The doctor commented that it was the nicest that he had been spoken to all day. To me, that was a like a gold medal.

4. Any sentences containing pleading or convincing were learned from carefully observing older sister.