Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do special needs moms do all day?

Which of these things did NOT happen in the actual day of one mom to a child with special needs?
Not all events in day are included.
You may mark more than one answer.

A. Meditate

B. Send children to school and Mother's Day Out.

C. Wash breakfast dishes.

D. Read new entry in Hopeful Parents blog and cry. Link to more entries, cry more. Realize that valuable paperwork time is being lost. Realize that crying is equally valuable. Oh well.

E. Go for short walk, contemplate carrying three year old abandoned chunk of moldy hay home.

F. Receive call from husband reporting that officials are attempting to conduct an armed raid of the business of a family friend and he is going there to provide moral support.

G. Remove bubble gum, three types of paper, four red trucks, dishes, cause and effect toy, crumbs, more art supplies and large pile of unfinished valentines from kitchen table in attempt to mentally transition between F and H.

H. Conduct a race to see how much paper can be cleared from desk in a responsible fashion. Score 20 pieces of paper, 3 phone calls regarding SN child, and 1 large unit of paperwork regarding SN child.

I. While driving, see husband driving his truck going the other way from you on highway, a normal part of his workday. Call husband to say hi. Listen to husband report that moments before, while he was inside a convenience store, his truck slipped out of gear, rolled down a hill, crossed both sides of a large state highway, went over an embankment, and landed in a hole in a golf course, soon to be swarmed by sheriffs and police. Listen to husband report that truck is fine and no one was hurt or arrested.

J. Pick up SN child from MDO. Drive home in peace. Remember yesterday telling speech therapist that child (who has "secondary" PDD) does not seem to grasp social concepts, use social language, or have interest in peers. Drive. Hear child from back seat suddenly say, "I like playing with Daniel."
Try not to have an accident while clapping and cheering. Not an accident like our kids have, well, that kind too, but you know, a driving one. Hear child say, "I wike pwaying with Daniel at schooow. Daniel, is NICE, toMEEEEEE!"

K. Hear SN child, same one who does not use social language, say IN CONTEXT in the span of one hour, both "Thank you" and "You're welcome."

L. Facilitate rest period for SN child. Deliberately sit down to be with typical child. To keep butt glued to chair, stay busy by cutting out a lot of paper hearts in the spirit of helping.

M. Moderate fighting, playing, feeding and bathing.

N. Wash dinner dishes.

O. Experience shock when SN child, upon being picked up to be carried to bed, gives you a huge hug, the first conventional one in memory, and says "Mommy Mommy!" with glee.

P. Watch more rain fall, third time in two days, during conditions of exceptional drought (D4).


Answer: Only two choices did not happen. They are letters in the name of a large cable news channel. (But I did all the dishes, yesterday.)
I still don't believe some of the others. What is going on around here?

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  1. Ok. J, K and O made ME cry. I read Hopeful Parents yesterday too and cried.

    I recently added you to my reader after finding you via Hopeful Parents.